Refog Inc. Releases REFOG Keylogger for MAC OS X

The recent release of a Keylogger for Mac now allows concerned parents and spouses to gain an insight into the activities of their loved ones when using the Internet. This application operates discreetly, leaving no indication that it is recording user activity.

The advent of computers and the Internet has presented households with additional threats. Undeterred by warnings about talking to strangers, children may unknowingly disclose personal information and photos online. Similarly, spouses might engage in inappropriate relationships via emails or instant messaging which would not have been possible without technology. To monitor such activities, a keylogger application is now available for Mac users to track activities without raising suspicions.

Refog Keylogger for Mac is home-use computer activity surveillance software. It records keystrokes, captures screens, tracks applications and websites access over time, and produces reports outlining these activities. These data-driven reports provide a clear overview of each user's computer use.

Master Password feature can prevent them from uninstalling the software, erasing stored files or making settings alterations. The software is easy to utilize and requires no maintenance due to automated updates once installation is complete.

LastPass was breached when a hacker

Refog Inc., the premier security and privacy software developer, has announced the release of its latest addition to its Keylogger family of products. REFOG Keylogger for MAC OS X is designed to provide Mac users with a full range of keystroke logging features to protect their confidential information while they work online or in other computing activities.

The product also includes other important security services such as website monitoring, email and chat monitoring, automatic screenshot recording, password protection, remote monitoring and more - making REFOG Keylogger an invaluable tool for Mac users who need total control over their data privacy.

With easy setup and intuitive operation, this makes REFOG Keylogger a perfect solution for home use and small businesses alike.

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A hacker was able to breach LastPass by installing a keylogger on an employee's home computer.

We take the integrity of our environment seriously, and strive to offer comprehensive guides and manuals supported by rigorous testing of all products we mention. As demonstrated by the incident in which a hacker was able to breach LastPass by installing a keylogger on one of our employee's home computer, along with exploiting a vulnerability in a third-party media software package to launch additional malware, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing our readers with reliable information.


What Are Keyloggers and Why Are They Used?

Keyloggers are a form of spyware that records keystrokes made on a computer—including usernames, passwords and credit card numbers. This data is then recorded, offering potential access to sensitive information entered via the keyboard.